In the mid-1990’s in Kodiak, Alaska I began my research and development into methods and formulas for tanning salmon skins into leather. Three years and hundreds of trials later, I was rewarded with success. By 1998, I sold my first product and Alaska Salmon Leather Co. was born. At this same time I joined the State of Alaska, Made in Alaska program certifying my products were “Made in Alaska” and not imported from overseas or elsewhere. Our authentic Alaska Salmon Leather™ products are based on Alaska’s sustainable, renewable, wild salmon resource, a portion of which is annually harvested and processed commercially. Alaska Salmon Leather™ is created by recycling fish processor by-product that is normally discarded. This helps reduce waste and completely utilize one of Alaska’s great wild renewable resources. It takes several weeks of intense hand labor to complete the 35 step process necessary to turn a single skin into Alaska Salmon Leather™. Alaska Salmon Leather™ is strong, durable, and lasts for years. Not all are created equal. Alaska Salmon Leather Brand products are made from whole, not pieced together skins. We use the finest leather dyes and finishes, providing a colorfast leather with a very durable finish. Our products are constructed using the “turned edge” method; the edges are skived (thinned), folded, glued and stitched. Unsurpassed quality is evident throughout, from the beautifully leather lined interiors to the finely stitched, extremely durable Alaska Salmon Leather™ exterior. For the best quality look for Alaska Salmon Leather Brand products and our distinctive trademark. We know you will enjoy your unique Alaska Salmon Leather™ product for many years.


Alaska Salmon Leather Company is a proud member of Made in Alaska, a state of Alaska program that certifies our products are handcrafted in Alaska, USA. We are also a member of BuyAlaska an Alaska SBDC program that promotes Alaskan entrepreneurs, the Soldotna Alaska Chamber of Commerce, and Pioneers of Alaska.

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